What's the difference between the All Access Pass and a Pathway?

Pathways are a bundle of 2-3 of our courses that are delivered weekly over an 8-10 week period. With Pathways you complete assignments each week that will help you become a media buyer that specializes on a specific ad network (or group of ad networks). At the end, you take a certification exam. If you pass with an 80% of higher you'll receive an AdSkills certification. 

Along with the certification, you'll receive introductions to businesses that are interested in hiring AdSkills certified members. 

The All Access Pass gives customers access to all AdSkills courses. It was created for business owners that are looking to train a team member or simply looking to DIY their ad campaigns. You will not have access to the certification exams and the pathway bonuses (like introductions to potential clients), but you will have all the same course content as someone completing an AdSkills Path. 

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