What's included in the Media Buying Bootcamp? (Swiss Army Edition)

Thanks for purchasing the Media Buying Bootcamp! 

The bootcamp includes Media Buying Masters, Agency Sales Masters, Bulletproof Native Ads, Bulletproof GDN Ads, Bulletproof Landing Pages, The Marketers Guide to Finding Customers Online, and Tracking 101.

You should have access to those courses in your members area. You can also click on the bootcamp course to see a weekly breakdown of these courses. You have been automatically enrolled in our weekly email that will send you the lessons and assignments each week. 

You also get 3 months (90 days) of Pro League which is how you will access the consulting with the instructors. That starts on the day you enrolled. 

You can access the Email Mojo bonus, practice exam and certification exam in the bootcamp course in your members area. 

As for getting clients; Once you complete the certification we have a process for introducing you to potential clients and businesses looking to hire you. We can't make the businesses hire you, but we do give you tools and support to help you have a greater chance. 

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