Media Buying Masters Questions

1. Are they any prerequisites, specific software you need to have for the Media Buying Masters class? 

Yes, Before beginning Media Buying Masters you should have a basic understanding of paid ads. Media Buying Masters will give you the strategies that you can use across ad networks but does not give you step by step campaign setup instruction. If you're looking for step by step campaign setup we recommend our Bulletproof courses.
2. Are there hard copies that you can print, templates & worksheets downloadable, or a transcript of the course work?
Yes, each course includes workbooks, spreadsheets, and resources to help you apply what you learn. We do not currently have transcripts for our courses.
3. Is there a certification with the Media Buying Masters course?
Media Buying Masters does not include a certification. We have 3 other "pathways" that include this course as well as related courses to help you master a type of media buying. Those pathways include a certification.  You can check those out here:

4. Is there an instructor to contact for any questions during the class? 

You can contact our support with questions if you are having trouble with videos or resources or if you need clarification on a lesson. However if you're looking for help or feedback on the application of the course specifically for your needs we recommend Pro League.  Our instructors, along with hundreds of other pro media buyers are in Pro League daily answering questions for our media buyers.  This is where you can get help on your campaigns as you implement the courses.
You can check that out here:
5. Can I view a sample video of the course?
Yes, you can check out our video library which has many free helpful tutorials here:
You can also take one of our entry-level courses to get an idea of what you'll experience when taking one of our Bulletproof, Masters, and Pathway courses.
6. What else comes with the yearly membership? Am I able to take additional classes, or is it just my course is updated throughout the year.
Our courses are updated regularly as strategies and networks change. If you've been buying ads online you know this can happen a few times per year. When that happens the user interface changes making it harder for students to apply what they learn because the ad network no longer looks the same.  The yearly fee covers the costs of updating the courses to the current user interface as well as new strategies as we uncover them in our testing. The price isn't about the hours of education it's about the results you'll get when you apply it.
If you want to be able to take all of our courses throughout the year I'd recommend our All Access Pass. This gets you to access all our Bulletproof and Masters level courses as well as Pro League. You can check that out here:

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