How do you know which course to start with?

It's a great question... and since we've answered this question 48 kajillion times before lunch today, we happen to know exactly the answer. 

First, If you've signed up for Jumpstart or Upperclassmen, please follow the course outline on the dashboard for that course.
We've hand-picked that based on what we believe are the skills needed as you grow as a media buyer.

However, if you're not in a level and have an "all access" subscription, then you should refer to the questions below. 

1. Do you have an offline business where people need to locate your office/building?
If so, Bulletproof Adwords Ads is going to be your best starting point because people are going to be searching for you.
2. Do you sell a very niche product such as how to raise a pet lobster? Or whitening gel for tennis shoe soles?
If so, you'll want to start with Bulletproof Facebook Ads or Bulletproof Twitter Ads because these networks are great at micro-targeting.
3. Do you have a mass-market product such as weight loss pills, relationship advice, financial news, etc? 
If so, Bulletproof GDN or Bulletproof Native Ads would be the best possible place for you to start because these two networks are the best at targeting the masses for cheap.
4. Do you want to use videos in your ads (by the way, the video is great for consultants/coaches)? 
If so, I recommend Bulletproof Youtube Ads or Bulletproof Instagram Ads because these platforms dominate video marketing.
5. Lastly, the one course that EVERY SINGLE PERSON should watch is Bulletproof Landing Pages. This is the course that teaches you how to maximize your earnings from every click that all the other courses teach you how to drive.
It's a short course, so you could probably complete it tonight and I guarantee there is at least one new thing you'll learn... even if you're a seasoned veteran like me.

I hope you found this helpful. Please don't be shy. Write to us anytime, no question is too big or too small. We also don't mind if you just want to say Hi!

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