Where is the Pathway Course I purchased (Discontinued)?

First, we wanted to say thank you for being an AdSkills customer we appreciate your trust in us.

With that said, we wanted to let you know that we have removed the pathways from our member's area 
As a Pathway customer, you will still retain your access to the courses within your pathway. You will also retain the bonuses (AdSkills certification and leads).
We're looking to simplify our member's area. Removing the pathways links below the courses is one of our updates because it's causing a lot of confusion for others as well as support issues.
To be clear, nothing has changed with your access to the courses you purchased and the bonuses that come along with your pathway purchase. You will simply access the courses directly instead of going through a separate page for "pathways."
We understand that you may not have completed your pathway yet. We made a simple document that shows you which videos to watch each week to complete the program with links to the certification.
Please contact support@adskills.com for us to send your corresponding Pathways link and the email address you used when you purchased or a receipt.
Your Biggest Fans,
The AdSkills Team

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