Affiliate Contest

It's time to prove your skills in the first-ever AdSkills challenge!

We have two winner-take-all $5,000 prizes to figure out who is the best YouTube and ad network Pro-League champions. Here’s how it’s going to work.  There are going to be two challenges.

  • The first challenge is to find who is the master of YouTube advertising.
  • The second challenge is to use your choice of Ad Networks (other than YouTube) to claim the title of Pro-League Ad Network Champion.
The challenge is simple - you are going to drive traffic to a proven book funnel Retargeting Recipes.
You choose your challenge - YouTube or another ad network. 
Using your skills, you will drive traffic to the retargeting recipes funnel.

The first person to sell 100 books from YouTube traffic or Ad Networks wins $5000. And, we will also pay you $50 for every book you sell! And it’s a free plus shipping offer!

To qualify to win the prize, you are going to show us and all your Pro-League colleagues exactly how you did it. You’ll jump on zoom with Justin and he is going to breakdown how you did it. Get right behind the scenes. We are going to record all of it so we can teach all Pro-Leaguer’s how you did it. So, everyone will benefit from the challenge!

Now let’s get into the details. 

The first thing you need to do is register as an affiliate for AdSkills. Remember, you get paid $50 per book for every book you sell. Here’s the link.

We start at 9:00 AM Eastern USA time on Monday 2nd of March. Sales made before then won't count for the $5000 prize (but will count for the $50 per book).
We will update you in the Pro League slack on how the contest is going. You’re an affiliate so you also be able to track through tune (our affiliate platform as well).

When you sell the 100 books, we will audit the sales and show your Pro League colleagues. :)We will get in touch to organise a time for you and Justin to go over the details of your campaign.
We will record this so everybody can benefit from the training. You'll receive $5000 for winning the challenge and perhaps even more importantly, will be acknowledged as the Pro League Challenger Champion!

Now, a couple of notes: You can't win both prizes. Look, this would be an awesome flex, but we will have 2 different winners. The sales page has been converting at 4.23% during February.

A couple of guidelines you have to follow:
It’s important that all of your ad creative and copy meet our Brand Guidelines outlined in this document.

If you are unsure you may submit your copy for review by emailing

Be sure you’re following the terms and conditions in the Affiliate Agreement as those still apply to this contest.

Be sure you’re following the terms and conditions in the Affiliate Agreement as those still apply to this contest.

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