FAQs on the Affiliate Contest

1. Can I shoot my own YouTube video ad? I was thinking of shooting something at my pool.

Yes, feel free to shoot your own video ad. Please remember to follow our brand guidelines and contest terms and all ad creation. 

2. Are we supposed to drive traffic to your landing page, or can we create our own advertorial on our domain and drive traffic there?

You can drive people to your own landing page - however, in order for sales to be tracked, you must use the checkout link provided in the affiliate software (which will send them to our landing page before clicking the purchase button). 

3. Are we allowed to offer bonuses on our end? I.e in my affiliate promotions I see affiliates offering bonuses to buyers.

Yes, feel free to offer bonuses, please make sure it's known that the bonus will be delivered by YOU and how they can claim it after purchasing. 

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