AdSkills Course Updates

Our courses are updated as the networks change. Our goal is to update courses when a network changes its features within 60 days of the new change. This gives us time to use the new features and update the courses with best practices.

Here are the latest course updates we just made:

  • Bulletproof Adwords added Google shopping content updated in May 2019
  • Bulletproof Youtube, we built an all-new version of the course in Aug 2019
  • Bulletproof Youtube Ads 3.0 you can look forward to learning:
1. The formula for success with over $10M in spend in lead gen, high ticket, and Ecomm
2. Built to adapt to agencies, brands, and affiliates
3. These lessons have already helped people I've taught who NEVER spent on YouTube before generate more than $500k in sales in 60 days
4. Breakdown of the Target CPA campaign (which is a direct response marketer's dream) with more than $3M in spend behind it.
5. 1,000 channel blacklist to keep kids watching their parent's phones from sucking up your budget
6. A full case study showing you how to build all campaign types (CPV, CPA, Discovery, and Sequencing campaigns)
7. Recipe for how we build YouTube ads that sell.
8. Vital MCC setup we use to scale multiple clients and products faster than ever
  • Bulletproof Facebook recently updated in Jan 2020 with interviews added
  1. Feb 2020 added decision matrix on for campaign optimization
   2. March 2020 added Rapid Fire Testing Tracking Sheet and Rapid Fire Funnel Testing Phase
  • Bulletproof Linkedin our newest course was released in April 2019
  • Bulletproof Landing Pages got an update in February 2020 with new lessons on split testing and advertorials
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: AdSkills will be discontinuing the Traffic Traps course. On March 31st, we will remove it from the member's area and access will no longer be available. Please use the next couple of weeks to review the course if you'd like to.

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