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JOHN BELCHER : Tracking 101, Market Research Blue Print, Conversion Tracking Masters, Bulletproof GDN Ads, Bulletproof Instagram Ads, Bulletproof Twitter Ads,  Bulletproof Linkedin Ads, 

John is the Vice President of Marketing at LadyBoss. His focus on paid traffic, tracking and attribution, and creative optimization has helped him successfully manage more than $30M in spend to grow businesses across many verticals and business models. In the past four years, he has helped the 13,000+ members of AdSkills improve their results and put more money in their pockets. He looks forward to helping you do the same.

JUSTIN BROOKE:   Media Buying Masters, Bulletproof  Landing Pages, Agency Sales Masters, Paid Traffic Copy , Lead Generation Workshop, Bulletproof Native Ads, SOLO Ads 101 

Justin 11 years ago with just $60 in an Adwords account and turned it into 6 figures. Then opened a digital ad agency and grew it to 7 figures. He’s spent over $10 million dollars on ads and his client list includes Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Jon Assaraf and more. 
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TRACY RYE: Jumpstart

Tracy Rye is a former elementary school teacher. She used her summer break 2 years ago to learn media buying. By the end of summer, she was working part-time as a junior media buyer.
Fast forward 1 year later and she's the lead campaign manager for a niche agency. Her most recent success is managing a 7 figure launch for one of her clients. All while working part-time from home so that she can spend quality time with her kids.


Brenda Gagne is an online marketing instructor and business consultant. Her trainings and courses have helped many people over the past 10 years quit their day job and create the lifestyle they desire working from home.
Her expertise is in productivity, personal development, and effective communication in elite performers.


As a long time mentor we couldn't wait to have the opportunity to have Travis Sago as an AdSkills Instructor. Travis is a master at creating high converting offers and  often the "go to" person for his social selling systems. He gets people more business, sometimes 6 and 7 figures more business in one 30 day campaign using the social selling scripts outlined in this course. 


Paid Traffic Copy, Lead Generation Workshop, 2021 

Top 5 Copywriter in The World

Ed is a pioneer of long-form copy for the web originally trained by the great Gary Halbert. He’s the Founder Of The Thirty Day Challenge and co creator of the Underachiever System with Frank Kern. He’s now the Director Of Marketing at AdSkills.

DAVID HEGEDUS:  Paid Traffic Copy  

Mr $64k in a Day

TOM BREEZE:  Lead Generation Workshop


NIK THAKORLAL:  Lead Generation Workshop

Leads Hook

JEREMY BLOSSOM:  Lead Generation Workshop

Strikepoint Media


Lead Generation Workshop, Bulletproof FB Ads, 2021 Conversion Worlshop

Liana Ling is a former attorney turned traffic pro. She has been in digital marketing for more than 10 years and a prominent leader of the AdSkills community for more than 2 years. She's helped her clients - who are leaders in the Info Product industry - to diversify their traffic sources off of just Facebook, into other networks like Youtube, Pinterest, and Google.

Reach Liana at Facebook, or via email at

DAVID KLEIN: Bulletproof Search Ads 2.0 

David Klein was first known publicly in digital marketing when Matt Cutts at Google started writing and speaking positively about David’s SEO and white hat link building. This lead to David helping Facebook with their SEO and online marketing in 2009, the year Facebook's revenue really took off. David and TallBox have helped multiple Fortune 500’s including Experian and Survey Monkey as well as many privately owned sites.David is known for his humor, irreverence, independent thinking and relentless focus on profit. TallBox specializes in analyzing and solving the profit bottlenecks in your business’s marketing.  

David can be contacted at

JASON STOGSDILL: Bulletproof  You Tube Ads

CEO and founder of His agency generates targeted leads at scale for Financial, Investing & Trading advertisers. Some of his clients include Legacy Research, Profits Run Research and Investing Daily. To get in touch with Jason you can reach him here

ROBERT HICKS: Bulletproof  You Tube Ads

Robert Hicks is the Managing Partner at JS Media and has more than 10 years of video production experience. He has been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC sharing how small businesses can leverage digital media to generate new customers online. Robert has profitably spent more than $5 million and counting on YouTube Ads and has successfully generated over a million financial leads.. To get in touch with Robert you can reach him at


2021 Conversion Workshop

Digital advertising master proudly serving the coolest companies in Life Science, Biotech and Pharma.


Engineer-turned-marketer, Alex Makarski is the founder of ALEX MAKARSKI MEDIA EXPERTS, digital media buying agency that thrives on data and systems approach to advertising.


2021 Conversion Workshop

Jordan Swanson is a digital media buying expert and the Founder/CEO of ReachFire LLC. Jordan began advertising online in 2005, and since then has created an innovative media buying agency focused on Programmatic Native and Display Advertising. 


2021 Conversion Workshop

Peep Laja is a former champion of experimentation and optimization turned business builder. Now I grow a portfolio of companies. Founder of CXL, Speero, and Wynter.


2021 Conversion Workshop

Serve The World Unselfishly and Profit. In 2010 I created what would become my most successful brand, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. In 2013, Smart Marketer was born. In 2016 I created Zipify Apps, a SAAS company focused on Shopify.

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