What courses do you offer in AdSkills 2.0?

AdSkills Core is designed for the do-it-yourself ad buyer who wants to master paid traffic for their own business. Membership is a 9-week curriculum that covers everything you need to know about digital advertising. From terminology to tracking.

It is a streamlined, proven path to more clicks and better clients. Learn from the world's best ad buyers. 
Every AdSkills instructor has managed at least $1 million in real-world ad spend before developing the systems and processes taught in AdSkills CORE.

Membership includes:

  • AdSkills Core
  • Masterclasses

Learn more here:  https://www.adskills.com/

AdSkills Pro League is designed to help you get more clients and become an influencer in the marketing industry. Includes a private slack group weekly coaching calls, certification exam, client matchmaking program, and the ability to sell your own offers inside the AdSkills Marketplace to thousands of other marketers. 

Our elite community of marketing pros where we talk about tracking, split testing, PPC ads, Facebook ads, native ads, SEO, and more. In here, you'll learn the skills to get better clients, brag-worthy results, and become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Membership includes:

  • AdSkills Core
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Private Slack Community
  • Certification Program
  • Tools
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Hands On Mentoring
  • Matchmaker ($)
  • Marketplace Offers ($)

 Learn more at : http://adskills.com/gopro

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