How To Be An AdSkills Certified?

The AdSkills certification is all new and updated based on the AdSkills CORE curriculum.

Adskills 2.1 is the ONLY way to get certified now.

The 1.0 certification has been removed from . Anyone that purchased a course that included the certification has been grandfathered into 2.0 (Agency, Bootcamps, and All Access Pass).

As for the bonuses, the certification in 2.0 will give you access to the same perks plus the new perks. There's actually a hidden course that will be added once certified that includes the certification perks of the previous certification.

Certification is part of Pro membership. It is what members can move on to after the 9-week program if they want to become part of our matchmaker program. Otherwise, they should move on to is the ongoing training portion of AdSkills Core which is our Masterclasses.

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