What If What You Sell Isn't Allowed on FB Ads or Google Ads

What if what you sell isn't allowed on FB ads or Google ads?

Then what?
Here are a few strats I've used for clients with these types of products

1. Email ads

There are hundreds of thousands of email lists. One for every niche. Most of them only care that your product is not illegal, not hateful, and that you pay on time.
Agora, Survival Life, and PatriotsHQ spend millions per month advertising their marijuana, gun, prepper related products in giant email lists.
Contact Brian, Jason, or Paul if you want to pay for access to good email lists for your offer.
2. Influencer marketing
There are tons of YouTubers, bloggers, and social media profiles who have your markets attention and would gladly accept your money.
I don't have a contact who handles this (yet) but for myself, I just search for a few on YouTube and Instagram. Then I watch what they post and the engagement for a week or two depending on their frequency. If I like, then I reach out. Hunter.io is great at getting someone's email address.
3. Adult ad networks
If you don't mind your ads showing up next to some boobies, then adult ad networks have access to the same demo as gun owners, pot smokers, and many other products.
In fact, their clicks can be a lot cheaper, and if you're creative with your ads you can even blend in. Tell your wife it's just business
Last I heard Tuan Vy was an expert in adult ad networks. He has a killer course on the subject.
4. Trojan Horse
While working with a client who had an erectial dysfunction product, we created content that was allowed on the network and also attracted our target customer.
Once we had this audience we then showed them our ads "organically" and via our email list.
We had to get clever, but it is possible. Your market has more than one interest. You can build a list off compliant content and then send them your non-compliant content once they are your contacts.
For example, the make money online audience is also very attracted to personal development offers, etc.
There is more to digital marketing than just FB and Google. You should even practice pretending they don't exist even if you have compliant products.
One day they won't be here any more or one day you could get banned somehow. It's a good exercise to make sure you aren't reliant on an external source that is out of your control.
Who knows, you just might open up some new channels where your competitors were to chicken to play.

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