What's the difference between bulletproof courses and Masters Courses courses?

The AdSkills  Bulletproof Series is designed for beginning to intermediate advertisers looking to learn and perfect various networks from start to finish. We offer Bulletproof for Twitter, Facebook, GDN, Youtube, Adwords, Native Ads, Instagram, and Landing Pages. 

Mastery Courses are just that - where you will master all things media. These courses focus on strategy more than tactics. You won't get click-by-click walk throughs but you will get in depth lessons and exercises for improving your strategic skills when it comes to online advertising.

All of our courses work on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, android, iOS, windows, and any other devices you have.

Each course comes with multiple modes of learning (videos, MP3’s, PDF’s) so you can take it on the go in the car, at the gym, or even while waiting in line at the DMV with lessons that are between 2 – 20 minutes long so you can easily jump in and out without having to plan your whole day around it.

Many of the courses do require you to need audio - especially when they get into walking you through the campaign setup. We are planning to add course transcripts, but no definite dates are set on that. 

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